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headshot of Frances Edison, smiling and holding a makeup brush under her chin

Licenced Esthetician & Professional Makeup Artist

Meet Frances

Since 2015, Frances has been an integral part of the Phoenix fashion scene, participating in renowned events such as Phoenix Fashion Week and contributing her expertise to projects like auditioning participants for Project Runway and various fashion shows, delivering top-notch makeup services. As an experienced esthetician and makeup artist serving the Phoenix, AZ area, Frances is dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of her clients while prioritizing skin health. In 2021, she earned her certification from the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics (SWINA), solidifying her commitment to providing exceptional skincare solutions.

Frances understands the importance of a personalized approach, believing that a high-quality, compassionate experience forms the foundation of enduring client relationships. Specializing in advanced skincare treatments, she takes pride in crafting customized plans tailored to meet each client's unique needs, offering unwavering support throughout their skincare journey. Whether clients prefer a glamorous makeup look or embrace their natural beauty, Frances ensures the best possible outcome for every complexion.

In addition to her dedication to professional growth through ongoing education in makeup and skincare, Frances enjoys exploring the latest trends in the industry. Beyond her work, she finds joy in culinary pursuits and discovering trending destinations. If you're seeking expert skincare and makeup services in Phoenix, AZ, Frances is your go-to professional for achieving radiant, confident beauty.

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